The Lady In The Tower

I think of nothing. But I imagine everything.

3 November
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"Imagination is intelligence having fun."

Twitter Page (because now that I had to get it for a class I may as well use it how I want): http://twitter.com/#!/Fae_Boleyn

I'm a twenty-year-old college junior with a journalism major and political science/sociology minors. I've been writing fic since I was fourteen - you can find most of what I've done (except the deleted stuff) on my web page, which is my fanfiction.net profile page.

I tend to write AU and/or crossovers, and my taste in pairings is eclectic, at best. I sometimes write slash/femslash, but I write het more often. Oh, and then there's my OT3 thing. I don't write smut very often, but if the muse pushes it I will.

My current projects seem to keep growing. First is A Moment To Be Real (AMTBR), a multi-fandom crossover epic that began as a slight cross between two stories purely for the lulz and has somehow turned into... I don't even know what. Then there's Three Is More Than Just Company, an Inception (mostly) series focusing on the Ariadne/Arthur/Eames OT3. As this is an offshoot of AMTBR, there's mild crossover. Then, The Tudors Variations, a series of mostly unconnected Tudors fics illustrating the various ways things could have gone differently from the history we know. Now I seem to be working on two fics set in a universe where Inception's Arthur and Burn Notice's Michael Westen are old friends, and I don't know if there will only be those two. :/

And now there's a Supernatural oneshot series where Castiel leaves Heaven with Gabriel, and so the events of seasons 4 and especially 5 will go... differently.