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Oh, look, I'm back with more thinky thoughts

So I've been thinking, in the course of plotting out what began as an X-Men movies AU and then morphed into a Marvel movieverse AU (no, seriously, it's mostly Avengers and X-Men, but Spiderman and Fantastic Four will probably cameo and I'll even give a shoutout to Daredevil if the opportunity hits). It really, really sucks to be one of the support system.

By which I mean friends and significant others. Because think about it. If you're part of a superhero team and dating a teammate, at least you can do your best to watch their back(s). Same for your good friends on the team. But what if you're Pepper watching the news out of New York on an airplane, or Jane who might not have even known what happened when it was all over, or Darcy who was God only knows where at the time of Avengers. What about being any of the students at Xavier's left behind when the X-Men went to Liberty Island or Alcatraz, and especially Alkali Lake, when they'd just escaped invading soldiers and had no clue what was happening?

It's just an idea that struck me, how it feels to be the people on the sidelines. With that in mind, and also my love for Darcy, I've got this idea. Say one of the X-Men is the only adult relative of a kid who is almost certainly human, said kid would probably still end up a student at the school, yeah? I originally wanted to make Darcy a mutant (and still might, but to keep with the idea that she has way too much experience waiting, her power will be non-combat-useful) but is the idea of a human at 'Mutant High' because of extenuating circumstances actually workable? I just really adore the idea of having someone who is just so used to this waiting thing as part of the Avengers' group. (Especially as I ship Bruce/Darcy to crazy degrees seeing as they've never met.) So, what do you guys think? About the sidelines thing in general or the story idea in particular?

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I agree with your thoughts on sidelines... because yeah, it sucks. a lot. and I would read the hell out of that story even if i don't ship Darcy/Bruce :P

Oh, brilliant! And thanks, I figure it must be a lot like being a military spouse or friend, you know?

I'm not even sure how I ended up shipping them, I think it was a side pairing in another fic and it just... stuck in my head. :)

Yeah, definitely - with the added media coverage giving it a different flavor, if that makes sense? Like, say, watching a big fire on the TV and knowing your mate is there fighting it?

I ship Darcy with Clint and Loki and don't really have feels about Bruce so... *shrugs* never got me with that.

Yes, exactly. So, more like a firefighter, as you say, or a cop.

Darcy/Clint I ship when I'm not busy OT3ing him with Coulson and Natasha. I'm afraid to ship Loki with anyone because I don't want to find a bunch of 'redeemed for the girl/boy!' fics. I'd like to see Loki redeemed because I think it's possible, but I'd rather see that be something he does for himself, and any shipping just being a part of that.

Although there was this one hilarious Darcy/Bruce with Darcy/Loki minionship/friendship where Darcy convinced Loki to use his mischief for good. That was quite fun, really. :D

Yeah because despite what some people think we don't see war on TV - it's similar but not quite...

I hate the redeemed stuff for the most part. but the power of friendship ones are awesome. I'veread Clint/Darcy with that plot, could you link me to the Darcy/Bruce one? :D

--- i may or ay not be writing Clint/Coulson, Clint/Loki (sorta) fic for the Avengers RBB with a side of redeeming Loki. Maybe. Kind of.


I am intrigued by redemption plots if they work, but as one of my favorite characters proved in his canon, redeeming yourself for someone else isn't enough. You have to want it. You need a support network, but you have to want it for yourself, not just for someone else, to be good for someone else.

Thanks! :D

Yeah - I am working the angle that Loki is making amends jsut to get out of his punishment - Asgardian equivalent of washing his mouth with soap and sending him to his room without dinner - and in the process... stuff happens. Somehow. I may end up with a sequel where actual redemption happens instead od a daring rescue and a team-up and surprise creeper!Frigga...

Oh goodness, that sounds interesting - also, very like Loki.

I've not decided what happens to Loki in my 'verse. I'm already working a non-evil Erik Lensherr and Raven/Mystique, plus some others who switch sides, so... *shrug*

I will be posting this on LJ once the reveals, etc, happen :D Loki is... Loki.

that is... pretty impressive *nods* Good luck!

I'll be looking for it!

LOL, it's quite fun, actually. Especially keeping Erik IC even if he's on a different side.

I second the statement about reading the hell out of the story.

I hope the fact that the 'verse has some OCs in major roles won't turn you off.

the sidelines - I can see how it wouldn't be good for the stress levels (even when he's exasperating, Pepper probably would rather Tony argue with her, than her wondering if he's alive or dead (it may've been pre-relationship, but I think she held that opinion even when Tony was in Afghanistan))

"Oh its no picnic for me either. Some days I just walk from here to there and back again." -Bob, in the Dresden Files ep 'Bad Blood'.
(Bob at least gets taken off the sidelines from time to time, moderating the effect)

the story idea -- it has great potential. though it would have to be a relative of someone promiment in Xavier's - if the school janitor is her only surviving relative, would she still be admissible? (then again, knowing Xavier...). Downside is that there may be Mutant kids who try to bully her (the shoe being on the other foot, and Xavier's being a place where she is the minority). even without the bullying or teasing, there would be a definate sense of You Are Different in the back of her mind. (and since all her experience is in interacting with Mutants her own age and other ages, she might (at least initially) have difficulty adjusting to non-Mutant society).

>her power will be non-combat-useful)
makes the perfect pot of coffee/tea.
>seeing as they've never met.
I don't see how that's an obstacle to shipping.

And my Pepper will eventually have it even worse since my eventual ship plan is for Pepper/Steve/Tony. I'm an OT3 sucker, I have them and Clint/Coulson/Natasha planned. And Raven/Azazel/Riptide as well as one more from the X-Men side of things. So she sits there watching two people.

Oh, it's someone prominent. Jean Grey, was my plan. Which makes things rough once we get into film canon even though I will be AUing that. Some to slot in my different mutant villains and other characters, some because with X3 I felt the cure and Phoenix did not work as a meshed storyline, so I'm separating them.

*snicker* That is a highly useful power, just not for fighting. Unless one poisoned the drink.

No, it's not precisely an obstacle, but the lack of meeting means I am surprised at the strength of my love for them. :)

Well, you know my thoughts on this, hon. :)

But yeah, I think it would be great for a story. At least, it's an added dynamic that doesn't get done in comics. It's drama, but understated drama. And not all of the mutants at the school would have combat ready skills, so Darcy (mutant or not) would not necessarily be out in the field.

I mean, if you can turn your hair colors, or change the texture of your skin, something like that, then you can't really do much with that in a combat situation. Well, maybe you could turn your skin to armor, but that's defensive and not offensive. Harder to utilize, anyway. :)

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