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Writer's Block: Singles Awareness Day
Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?
I like it, even though I'm single. I'm always hoping to hear some kind of cute story - and also, you know, fandom gets cute around this time, so that's always fun. I just sit back and enjoy it.

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Cute story - my best friend was desperate to have her boyfriend over tonight (being Valentine's Day and all). Her family said no. She was unhappy but resigned.

I persuaded her boyfriend (who needed little persuading but more prodding) to book a room at the nearest hotel (on my card as they're both more skint than me) and to surprise her with it. She still thinks he organised and paid for it all behind her back and she's deliriously happy, and I've told him to hold his tongue until at least tomorrow as he'll get bonus points tonight (which I don't want to know about).

Cute enough for you? :P

:D I love stories like that! I'm such a sap sometimes, really, it's kind of sad.

They are now officially back together (which I knew they would be if they could see each other yesterday). I am waiting for the wedding invitation. :P

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